Writer, musician, geek, introvert, optimist.

Englishman in Quebec.

Ephemeral Man.


In early 2012 Leigh moved from the strange and mystical town of Glastonbury in the UK to Quebec, where he resides just across the St Lawrence river from
Old Quebec City
with his wife Natasha,
Noah the parrot, a mischief of rats,
and Merlyn the snake.

Surprisingly, the arrangement is relatively harmonious!


 If being a patron of the arts interests you,
may I introduce to you my Patreon page?
Lets work together!


Leigh curates Wyrd Daze:
the multimedia zine of extraordinary creativity.

It’s really good!
The Wyrd Daze blog is here


He has an alter ego called The Ephemeral Man,
whose strange music can be found here and here

He also creates mixes / audio collages here

The Ephemeral Man has a multimedia blog here


Leigh is currently working on his first novel:
about five people who are sent through doors to different worlds to run errands for
a certain Mr. Normal.

The Ephemeral Man is working on new material.


On Twitter:  @Leigh_Wright_   &   @Ephemeral_Man







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