Writer, musician, geek, introvert, optimist.

Englishman in Quebec.

Ephemeral Man.


Leigh curates Wyrd Daze:
the multimedia zine of extraordinary creativity.

Together we are creating a community of support
and enthusiasm for speculative fiction +
extra-ordinary music, art, & writing!

May I introduce you to the Wyrd Daze Patreon page?
The Wyrd Daze experience is free. Through Patreon we are creating a revenue with which to pay contributors. 

Access to Wyrd Daze is through the blog here


Leigh has an alter ego called The Ephemeral Man,
whose strange music can be found here and here

He also creates mixes / audio collages here

The Ephemeral Man has a multimedia blog here


Leigh is currently working on a speculative fiction trilogy called Zenith’s Edge: Six “Infinites” who have existed since the being of time, learn their time is up.


The Ephemeral Man is working on new material.


On Twitter:  @Leigh_Wright_   &   @Ephemeral_Man







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