Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I thought I’d start sharing by book reviews here on my blog, and what better way to start than with book six of the Harry Potter series, right? Er… ok.

My Goodreads account has been linked with this blog for ages, but I’ve only recently started to actually write reviews rather than just allocating stars. I’ve added the handy category “Book Reviews” to this blog as well, so all my reviews can be found with relative ease (from the category section on the right when on a specific post). I’m no review virtuoso – most of my reviews are brief and spoiler free, and that’s the way I like them. I thought it might be worthwhile sharing them here anyway.

Here we go them:


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K Rowling

My score: 4 out of 5 stars

This is my first read of the Harry Potter books, I’m gradually making my way through them. I must say that I found the last one (The Order of the Phoenix) a bit tedious, and nothing that much seemed to happen, which is particularly impressive seeing as it is the longest of the lot. Still, I am apparently not alone, as it seems the general consensus that that is the weakest book – or at least, everyone can agree that Dolores Umbridge is a c**t.

So, it took me a while to get to The Half-Blood Prince, but having now read it I think that this is my favourite one yet, and I’ll be delving into the final installment before too long.

Also, it is now clear to me that there needs to be a Harry Potter show made immediately, or very soon, by HBO/Netflix/Starz/whatever which revolves around Voldermort’s origins, as partially detailed in The Half-Blood Prince. We need to see Dumbledore wearing his swanky plum suit, visiting young Tom Riddle Jnr. in the Orphanage, and then follow Tom through his seven years at Hogwarts. Then, after a 7 or 8 season show doing this, we need to then skip ahead a few years with a spin off show where we see Harry’s parents and the Maurauders and the first generation of the Order of the Phoenix, culminating with Voldermort killing Harry’s parents.

This has to happen. It must happen. It will happen. This is what everyone wants to see, and we’re talking two long series with at least seven seasons per show, so at least 14 years before it’s done. So, can we get on with it please?

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