Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 2

This is Wyrd Daze, the zine I curate. The latest issue is glorious – so much amazing creativity. PASS IT ON!

EDIT: and hey – this is my 100th post on WordPress!

*chair dance*

Wyrd Daze


Welcome to Wyrd Daze : the multimedia zine of speculative fiction + experimental music, art,& writing.

Lvl2 2 Cover

This month’s mind-blowing cover-art is by Kevin McKie, and there are plenty more of his amazing illustrations within this issue of Wyrd Daze


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Wyrd Dazeis honoured to be hosting
The Ballard of Sophie Nua short story by best selling authorMark Lawrence. The third book of his
The Broken Empire‘ trilogy, called ‘Emperor of Thorns‘ won the David Gemmell Award for Best Novel in 2014.

The second book in his second trilogy set in the
Broken Empire is due to be released in June,
 and he has recently signed a substantial three-book deal…

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