Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life


I’ve been spending most of the past couple of days cleaning the flat next door in preparation for someone coming over to see if they want to buy the property from our landlord.


This big yellow house in Levis, just across the river from Quebec City, is split into three flats, and my wife Natasha and I were in the wee small extension at the back until we upgraded at the beginning of March when someone moved out. The upstairs flat we’re in now has a larger kitchen and bathroom, with an actual bath, hallelujah! (I love to have long soaks and read in the bath)

There’s not someone moving into our old flat until the beginning of May, so I’ve happily left the detritus of our past life to fester until now: forgotten things in the bottom of cupboard and the back of drawers; dust and grime revealed from behind appliances and book shelves…

As I throw and scrub away these remnants, whilst listening to music and inspirational interview snippets by and of the dearly departed Daevid Allen: marvelous mystic maestro of Gong and beyond, I realise that I am Being reborn. I have been reborn, and here is the evidence of my past life that I am washing away.

The cycle of life, death, and rebirth is a cosmic spiral happening continuously on many levels. Indeed, it happens to all of us each and every day as we sleep: shedding cells from our bodies and rejuvenating our minds – reborn again each day as we awake. Each and every day, at any moment, we can chose to let go and be born again – we can chose who we want to be and determine our actions with decisive, incisive, or intuitive clarity. These spirals of life, death, and rebirth keep us fresh and vibrant, reminding us that every moment is precious no matter how we chose to spend them, but perhaps gently reminding us to spend many of them consciously, passionately, creatively… and to seek fulfillment of mind, body, and soul in whatever forms that might take.

As Daevid Allen so eloquently taught us:

Now is the happiest time of your life.  


Funny how the word inspirational has the root word spiral within it, no? Yes!



There’s a truly magnificent three hour tribute to Daevid Allen filled with music and insightful interviews about the lore and philosophy of Gong on the Transmusic Airwaves podcast HERE





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