Muse Music

I’ve kinda rebooted my blog recently, starting with a post re-introducing myself, which is HERE in case you’re interested.

Among other things, I like to enthuse about things geek and the music that I find inspiring. This post is going to be about the music, and future music posts will be filed under the category of Muse Music, which you will be able to find somewhere on the bar to the right of this blog —>

(previous posts about music can be found under the
Pick of the Week (past/present/future) category,
though they often have the geeky stuff thrown in there too)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared my musical picks and there’s been loads of great stuff. I’m gong to concentrate here on some of my favourite underground releases from over the past few months.

Bernholz: How Things Are Made


A glorious cross between David Bowie, Underworld, and Laurie Anderson,
How Things Are Made is one of my favourite albums of the year. Vibrant, exciting, progressive, brilliant! 


English Heretic: The Underworld Service


What mad genius is this? English Heretic‘s latest is a deep excursion through Tartarus, conjourng visions of “Corpse Oriented Rock, Philosophical Stoner, Field Trip Hop, Horror Folk, and Funereal Disco.”


Keith Seatman: Around the Folly and Down Hill


A kaleidoscope of psychedelic wonders. Mind your head!


Kemper Norton: Loor


The Front & Follow label is blazing a trail with it’s releases this year. Behold the last two by Kemper Norton and Lutine, showcasing the rich, diverse, and complexly beautiful scope of English folk…


Lutine: White Flowers


Wizards Tell Lies: The Maddening Machine


The Wizards cast their enchantments once again, and we are transported into a dark world of metallic machinations…


Howlround: Torridon Gate


The third album by radiophonic manipulators Howlround is based entirely on a recording a front garden gate on Torridon Road in Hither Green, London. These sounds were then “processed, looped and edited on three reel – to – reel tape machines with all electronic effects or artificial reverb strictly forbidden.” Released via the haunt-cult blog and label A Year in the Country in a selection of exquisite physical editions. 


The Unseen: The GoatMan Original Soundtrack


The excellent soundtrack to a lost classic horror movie. More information HERE


Regal Worm: Neither Use Nor Ornament
(A Small Collection Of Big Suites)


Oh boy, what an accomplished group of musicians Regal Worm are. The first track, an 18:38 minute opus entitled Odilon Escapes From The Charcoal Oblivion, But Endeavours To Return And Rescue The Cactus Men is sheer madness genius.



That’s it for now – enjoy!

More anon…



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