Vive (a re-introduction)


It’s been a while since I blogged here… 

Summer’s gone ::sigh:: Autumn is swift here in Quebec, so the snow and arctic temperatures will be here soon, probably not long after Samhain/Halloween has passed…

Should I (re)introduce myself… is that necessary?

No, not necessary, but perhaps polite… or social, at least…

I’m the most introverted person I know, so I have to remind myself to open myself up every now and then. Hi, how are you doing? 


My name is Leigh and I’m a

  • Writer: I self published a collection of dark fantasy short stories called CREEPS, which I really should re-release some time. You can read the shortest of them HERE if you like. I’ve been published in a couple of zines: The Famulus and Wyrd Daze, but that last one is probably cheating a bit because I curate/publish it myself. I’m also over halfway through my debut novel about a mysterious man called Mr. Normal who pluck five people from the moment of death and sends them on errands through doors into different worlds.

  • Musician: I play acoustic guitar and write and sing my own songs. I also have an alter ego called The Ephemeral Man who makes strange music and blogs and makes art and things. The Ephemeral Man has just released a new piece of music on Bandcamp. Here it is: 

  • Wyrd Daze curator: Wyrd Daze is the multimedia zine of extraordinary creativity. It’s really good, even if I do say so myself. It’s a place where people can share their creativity in whatever form that takes. It has no particular theme, but usually comes together as something unique, vibrant, and interesting. It’s available via a subscription of $5 Canadian dollars a month, which is less than £3, or as individual issues for $5 each. These monies create a revenue with which to pay people for their original contributions to the zine. You can find out more at the Wyrd Daze blog HERE. Issue 6 is still free to download – details HERE.

  • Geek: I’m a massive geek. I love sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and all that kind of stuff. For me, being a geek means that I want to spend as much time as possible experiencing other worlds in a wide variety of mediums: books, comics, films, tv, games (video and board), etc, etc, etc. I’ll be geeking out here on my blog quite a lot – sharing the stuff I’m into. I’m also a music geek, which is a different thing, I know, but I post a lot of weird and wonderful music on here too, just a heads-up!

  • Englishman in Quebec: The lovely Natasha, who is now my wife, came to visit England from Quebec for a few months in 2011, and stole me! That is to say: due to a series of synchronous wonders, Natasha came to visit the strange and mystical town of Glastonbury in Somerset, England, where I lived – I had been single for just over a year, and we collided like particles. I decided to follow her back to Quebec, and here I am! We’ll probably move back to England at some point, but for now I am a blessed guest in fine Canada!


Okay so those are probably the salient points for now. What you’ll find here on this blog is lots of me sharing the music or geeky stuff I’m into, as well as the occasional life-share blogging with words and pictures, or updates about what I’m working on. I’m not really a critic, so don’t expect detailed reviews of things. I’m generally more apt to enthuse about things I like, ’cause that’s how I roll. I’ve had a fair amount of traffic here on my blog in the past, so there are a few people out there who like to see what I’m up to / in to, and it’s always fun to share!

So there you have it, a bit about me. Please feel free to interact with me here in the comments or elsewhere online. Even the introverted need a little contact every now and then.. 🙂  If you want to find me elsewhere, most of my links are on my page HERE.

This post was going to be a rant about all the cool geeky stuff I’ve been into recently but somehow evolved into a self re-introduction. Seemed appropriate somehow, for myself as much as for anyone who might be reading this. The seasons are turning, and a new chapter begins. But there will be more here soon, I promise. 





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