Ivy, Onions, and Starmen

Recently I’ve been listening to Kate Bush properly for the first time: her name cropped up a couple of times (notably on the excellent A Year in the Country blog HERE), and I decided on a whim to listen to her first three albums, which I’m really enjoying. Funnily enough, soon after the news broke that she had announced her first series of concerts in 35 years, and all of a sudden everybody was talking about Kate Bush.


I had of course heard the obvious Kate Bush tracks before, but my mum never had any of her albums in her record collection, so no point of reference there, and when I was 17 I discovered Tori Amos’ debut Little Earthquakes and fell in love.




I didn’t need Kate Bush in my life: I had Tori, and she was everything.
Besides, my main musical passion at the time (except of course for my old favourites Fleetwood Mac and Rainbow) was the burgeoning electronic music scene. ’92 was the year I went to my first
Orb gig, and that blew my mind wide open… I saw them in Nottingham, and that was quite an adventure, and again later in the year at a joint Miner’s benefit gig in Sheffield with Primal Scream. Good times!



Also recently, I’ve been revisiting David Bowie. I picked up the biography David Bowie: Starman by Paul Trynka from the library at the University my wife attends (I also picked up books about Norse mythology, cults, women Beat writers, and the complete collection of short stories of J,G Ballard), and have been reading a chapter or so late at night and listening to the corresponding album. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the albums sequentially like this before, and combined with the story is a involving process that’s giving me fresh appreciation for the music. Tonight I’ll be listening to Station to Station



I also now have an e-book of Under the Ivy: The Life and Music of Kate Bush by Graeme Thomson, so I think I’ll do the same with that once I’ve finished with Bowie.


What else have I been listening to recently?

Anonymou3 had a great new album out – Consequence of thought – an accomplished electronic trip with nuances that invite repeat listening. This is great, and better than many well know artists efforts, in my humble opinion. Skip back to track 1 on the Bandcamp player for the full experience…



Delia Derbyshire Day was today as I type (12th April). I don’t expect to have to inform anyone reading this of who Delia Derbyshire was, but you can watch Canadian director Kara Blake‘s award-winning short documentary The Delian Mode, and follow a few other related links from an article on the Dangerous Minds blog HERE


When I was searching for the Orb tour poster I used above, I discovered this 2013 mix: Coldcut meets The Orb – the return trip for the Solid Steel Radio Show. It’s downloadable, it’s two and a quarter hours long, it’s awesome! 


The Nothing Machine has spurted forth it’s second profound equation…


Lord Tang!


Robin the Fog has posted the epic DJ set he performed at the recent Resonance FM benefit gig. Split into two parts they are both mighty, and can both be found HERE


Finally, I leave you with a video demonstration of a psychedelic animated 7″ picture disc by Sculpture. Amazing! 






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