Pick of the Week (past/present/future)

Ahoy there, me hearties! Welcome to another pick of things that I have enjoyed experiencing over the past week or two.


The classic text based The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game has been updated (again) and is playable via the BBC HERE. Re-live the frustration of 80’s gaming!



Spritz is a revolutionary app that allow super fast reading by flashing words up in quick succession so that you don’t have to move your eyes. All you have to do is relax and absorb, and apparently tests have show that comprehension of information can be increased using this system. The Spritz tagline is Reading Reimagined, and I do feel that this is something revolutionary. While we might not always want to leisure read super fast, the app has amazing potential for learning, study, and mundane tasks such as reading emails.  

You can try out the app on the Spritz website HERE, and hey presto! – there’s already an open source version to use on the web HERE


Kosmischer Läufer are back with the second volume of The Secret Cosmic Music of the East German Olympic Programme 1972-83, and oh boy am I in heaven…


I’m a big fan of Adderall Canyonly‘s unique brand of cosmic komische, and here is a particularly wonderful new release: The Limits of All Known Ice


Released on Christmas Day 2013, More Alien than Aliens is an excellent introduction to the mystical world of Italian Occult Psychedelic group Mamuthones. Dig deeper into the Boring Machines Bandcamp, and you’ll find a couple of Mamuthones albums too…


It’s hard to describe the Que Vivan Los Muertos EP by Árbol Pájaro de Fuego, so instead I’ll leave it up to you to discover for yourself. Needless to say, I enjoyed it immensely.


I’ve been going through some of the amazing psych-scapes of Umberto again. Journey through Astral Projection is great introduction for the uninitiated.


A slightly extended version of the track Globe Inn by excellent progressive band The Future Kings of England has surfaced, and is embedded below. It’s downloadable, and serves as a prompt to seek out the band. The track is from their most recent album Who is this who is coming? inspired by the stories of M. R James.


Also, there’s a great mix put together by the drummer of The Future Kings of England HERE


There’s a new batch of releases on Digitalis Recordings, and my favourite is this slice of experimental electronica: Her Instrument by Cube


New on the consistently great Constellation Tatsu label, Ganymede is the soundtrack by Jonas Reinhardt for an experimental science fiction film. You can listen to three tracks from the album below, and if you buy the limited Vinyl edition, for a mere $16, you get a copy of the film on DVD and a poster too! 


Finally, a word from our sponsors…





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