Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


Howdy hoo, pop pickers, and welcome to a very brief Pick of the Week.

I promise I’ll share a more bumper crop of goodies next weekend, but for now I’d like to announce the release of Wyrd Daze Issue 5!

Issue 5 is one of my favourites – please do take a look at the showcase over at the Wyrd Daze blog HERE, and listen to the podcast which I’ve embedded below.

On the podcast there’s a play of some of the wonderful music from this month’s Wyrd Daze EP, and also a first play of a track from Kemper Norton‘s forthcoming release on Front & Follow. Finally, there’s an audio collage I sculpted from season one of the sublime television drama Hannibal.



If you’ve happened across this post a month after it was originally published, you may find the above Soundcloud embed to be invalid, but fear not, as all of the Wyrd Daze podcasts are archived on Mixcloud HERE 


I leave you with this wunderbar video by Kosmischer Läufer for the track Flucht aus dem Tal der Ahnungslosen (1981) which is from their forthcoming album: THE SECRET COSMIC MUSIC OF THE EAST GERMAN OLYMPIC PROGRAM 1972-83, VOLUME TWO. Constant readers may recall I featured Volume One on here a couple of posts ago…





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