Pick of the Week (Past/present/future)


I’m going to bang this post together super quick: it’s late but I still want to hit my usual Sunday blog post sweet spot if possible, because I’ve got more great things to share and I don’t want to wait another week! Also I’m trying to get these things out more regularly. So apologies for the inevitable mistakes, omissions, etc…


I went to the launch event of Weird Canada‘s Wyrd Distro project today in Quebec City. Fun!


It was held at a record shop called Le Knock-Out






A cool band called Machinegun Suzie played and I made a video of a couple of their songs…

I bought myself a couple of random tapes because the cases are nice, and got some badges and a magnet for free, *fist pump*!


If you’d like to know just what the hell Wyrd Distro is all about, you can watch the short video below…


Now for some musical picks:

I came across this beautiful EP of songs by Kristin McClement because she will be playing at an evening of haunting melodies along with the wonderful Lutine, who I have just sent some questions for an interview in Wyrd Daze.


Check out this awesome cosmic groove album called We Were Eggs, by Starving Daughters 


Even more great music coming out on the new Active Listener label (see my last post too). Rather than the kinda male vocal Broadcastlike band White Candles, my pick of the new is this Goblin-ish mythical soundtrack by La Casa Di Omicidio


This entirely vocal-manipulated composition by Katie Gately is outstanding


The Secret Cosmic Music of the East German Olympic Program: 1972-83 (Volume One) !! by Kosmischer Läufer


Some psychedelic space rock: The Red Eyed Queen by The Space Spectrum


Finally, Stone Tape Recordings have recently released the first of a series of 7″ singles. This first one is by Crafting for Foes – limited to 150 copies!


And there’s a great interview with the label’s head Steven Collins HERE






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