Pick of the Week (past/present/future)

Howdy doody droogs!

Wyrd Daze Issue 4 is out now, and is yet another bonanza of creativity. If I may, I’d like to direct you over to the blog: HERE, where I detail the contents of said issue. There’s even a sample PDF for you to download. 

It’s super cheap to subscribe (5 Canadian dollars – less than £3), yet your money has great value, as it creates a revenue with which to pay contributors for their original creations for the zine.


My alter-ego The Ephemeral Man has provided the first in a series of occasional mixes for the Wyrd Daze podcast. Web of Wyrd: First strand.


The excellent Active Listener, love-blog to psychedelic music and beyond, has expanded it’s Bandcamp presence to full-blown label status, and is issuing albums as well as samplers. 

The pick of an great crop for me is the magnificent collection of dreamsongs Like a Beehive, the Hill was Alive by Trappist Afterland Band. Listen below (be sure to skip back to track 1 for the full experience).




Omnia are an self styled “neoceltic pagan folk” band, and they have a new album, Earth Warrior due out this spring. Their impressive live album Live on Earth is streaming in full on this Tumblr dedicated to the band.


Orange Milk Records have a new batch of tapes out, and while I’m not digging this bunch as much as I have some of the previous batches, the below release: Portrait of a Dog by Ryan Emmett, is a great excursion into experimental electronica.


Opal Tapes too have a new batch of releases, and my pick is this hazy faze-out Growth Window by Body Boys



The excellent Folklore Tapes is now streaming it’s previous releases on Bandcamp. I don’t know how long this may last, and their releases always sell out quickly, so this is a rare chance to have a listen if you haven’t had a chance. Go HERE


Here we have perfect music for pretending that it’s not still fucking extremely freezing outside with snow everywhere and still no life to be seen anywhere so going for a walk is like Scott of the Antarctic with survival questionable.

Pleasant field recordings and drone from Organic Industries, this is Silver of Heavens (skip back to track 1, why dontcha?)


Finally, he’s some rousing stoner psych-rock by Manthra Dei to leave you reeling good.



P.S Anyone with an interest in the weirder sides of folk, hauntologcal musings, and art, should be following the A Year in the Country blog HERE



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