Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


Here’s wishing you a very splendid Imbolc! While most of the Northern Hemisphere enjoys the beginning of Spring, here in Quebec we console ourselves that at least there’s only another couple of months left of Winter…. (sigh). 

Also, it’s now been two years that I’ve been here in Quebec, so yippe, there you go! Welcome to another pick of stuff I’ve been enjoying recently!)




I’m starting with , an eight piece group that combine folk, hip-hop, and strange stories of life, the universe, and everything. 

Folk and hip-hop? I hear you scoff. What the actual..? And I riposte oh my very yes – take a goosey gander at this brilliant video below, as I am confident it will convince you that there is sweet method to this madness…



If you enjoyed that, you’ll certainly have some interest in the album below…



The first of Alrealon Musique‘s compilations celebrating 5 years of the excellent  diverse label is out now, and features great music from John 3:16, FluiD, Rasplyn, and Laica, among others.

I have a track on the second part, which will be released 25th February



Next up, some top-notch song driven psychedelia by Rose Window. I’ll definitely be giving this repeat listenings. (I’ve also just started listening to Sleepy Suns, another accomplished American psychedelic band.)



Here are a couple of abstract komische-inspired minimal electronica releases, perfect for deep inner or outer space exploration. The first by Bastian Void, which is a brilliant name, called Phonics, on the excellent Chemical Tapes label.



The second: In White Rooms by Casi Cada Minuto on the Exitab label.



Next the new release by synth supremo Steve Moore: Pangaea Ultima – sample four tracks below. 



Have I mentioned Motion Sickness of Time Travel‘s Moon Ballade series here? There’s been a release for every moon since September last year, and below is this month’s: Ballade for a Wolf Moon. Great concept, great music.



Ah – here we delve into the deep abstract with this release from Endgame called Fragile: a gateway into a world of accomplished sonic experimentation.



And here is some rousing Kraut-noise to groove the wool from your ears: Cavedwellers Month by Jovontaes on the Fire Talk label.



A video has emerged of The Future Sound of London‘s Gaz Cobain with his psychedelic band The Amorphous Androgynous live in Russia, from a 2008 gig. Well worth a watch.




Finally: later today (Sunday 2nd Feb), Kemper Norton will be a guest Stuart Maconie‘s excellent Freak Zone on BBC Radio 6. It’ll be available to listen for a week, and can be found HERE.






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