Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


Hello there! It’s been a few weeks since my last post, but I thought I’d slip one last box of delights in before 2014 swaggers onto the scene…


We are the Hunters are perfection for me with their komische sci-fi wonderscapes. Check out the Deprogramming cathedrals EP on Werkstatt Recordings


…and the album Outerspace Moments, some copies of which in beautiful green vinyl might still available…


Here’s a splendid recent video of the We are the Hunters track Beyond the Plataform by Elena Juárez



The amazing design aesthetic of We are the Hunters is created by graphic designer Alonso Urbanos


Gareth Rees is The Hackney Marshman  or probably more accurately, was – as I do believe he’s relocated, with a new moniker likely pending… Anyway, his book MARSHLAND: Dreams and Nightmares on the Edge of London is a real joy – as is his musical collaboration with Jetsam as you can hear for yourself below. (skip back to track 1 for the full experience)


Ghost in the Shell: Arise is a four part re-imagining of the amazing series of manga, anime films, and tv show. I’ve watched the first two episodes so far, and am very much enjoying it. The excellent soundtrack was composed by Japanese artist Cornelius, and can be heard in full below.


Here is a wondrous Hermione Harvestman musical advent calendar, a new track having been posted everyday from December 1st – 24th by storyteller and musical vagabond Sedayne Blandiver, who lovingly curates the composer’s legacy.


Ishilan n​-​Tenere is a magnificent compilation of guitar-based grooves by artists from Senegal and Mali in Africa. 


Regal Worm‘s debut album is a deliriously fun exploration of progressive psychedelia. (skip back to track 1 for the whole experience) 


Indulge me (and yourself) as we take off into the deep spaces of komische music with the next few links. I do so love this stuff and there’s some beautiful pieces here:


Pye Corner Audio live in Madrid as part of a recent The Outer Church excursion. Brilliant!


The guys from the excellent Tabs Out tape podcast have started a second podcast for Tiny Mix Tapes. Check out #2 which features an interview with Grant & Rachel Evans from the Hooker Vision label.


Andy Votel regales and confounds us with another eclectic mix:


And Nochexxx takes us to another dimension…


Poorgrass illuminates with some juicy rythm & squelch in this full length debut on Travin Systems Records


Finish Ships is the debut release by electronic space cadet/s Attack Bear, out on the Reckno label.


Here’s a peek into the mind-bending legacy of Zircon & the Burning Brains 


Deformed Taiga is the new EP by the mysterious Russian dark ambient project Beifuslied


Six of the Horror world’s leading figures dine together (in 1990). Hosted by Clive Barker with guests John Carpenter, Roger Corman, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Tuttle and Pete Atkins. Fascinating stuff…


Did you see the E3 demo for the Star Wars game 1313 that got canned when Disney bought the rights to the franchise?

Why oh why didn’t they let them finish this..?


Sticking with Star Wars to end with, here’s a great Italian fan film called Dark Resurrection.

May the Force be with you into 2014…








One thought on “Pick of the Week (past/present/future)

  1. Gods, what an amazing list! Can’t wait to listen to each and every one. I am currently jamming that Black Unicorn album, was looking for reviews. Was quite pleased to see my old friend, the ephemeral man, come up on the google page. It really helps me to see others out there with similar interests and listening habits. Not sticking to one particular genre means that there’s no club to belong to, which can be a strangely isolated existence. The line between ’80s synth, sci-fi and black metal is a strange, nearly invisible one, that can drive you a bit mad. But there IS a line. The wyrd community really re-affirms this for me. Thanks for posting!

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