Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


Hello, and welcome to another Pick of the Week!




Firstly, I am very proud to announce the launch of Wyrd Daze: the digital zine of extraordinary creativity!

I’ve posted a showcase of some of the content from the zine at the Wyrd Daze blog HERE, including a sampler PDF, some art, video, and the first podcast.
I would be delighted if you would go take a look and consider subscribing to the zine, which costs only 5 Canadian dollars a month (about £3).


I’m busy with Wyrd Daze promotion and Issue 2 of the zine, and haven’t had much time to prepare this Pick of the Week in time for my usual Sunday morning posting – but I’ve been listening to so much magnificent music recently that I just have to share! So, no descriptive banter this time, just a bunch of links for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy!














And there’s been some amazing Samhain/Halloween mixes on Mixcloud too. Click the name to go to the mix:

John Coulthart: Ectoplasm Forming

Ghost of the Weed Garden: Cosmic Cauldron

Hackney Marshman: Bride of the Abominable Marshman

TheCuriosityPipe: Wizards Tell Lies and the Temple of Doom

Radio Belbury: Programme 11

Melmoth_the_Wanderer: Varney the Vampire

The Séance: The Hallowe’en Séance

people_eaters: The Knightmare Isn’t Over

Soulless Central Radio: The Shadow of Aethereus


That should keep you going for a little while… 


Ooh, and – you’ve all seen the Bad Lip reading Game of Thrones thingy, right?





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