Pick of the Week (past/present/future)



Quick post this week as I’m busy putting the finishing touches to the Wyrd Daze digital zine, which launches on Samhain / Halloween. The zine has it’s own blog in construction, and I’ll post a link when everything’s ready to go.

There’s some truly wondrous content for the zine, and I can’t wait to get it out there! Expect great stories, interviews and articles, as well as an EP, videos, and the Wyrd Daze podcast, which features some great audio drama.

Wyrd Daze will be available via a monthly subscription of 5 Canadian dollars, which is just over £3. This is truly a snip for all the content, and the aim is to create a revenue with which to pay artists for their content – a worthy cause, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Multi-instrumentalist Matt Bower has been busy of late, moonlighting from his band Wizards Tell Lies (which has a third album due before the end of the year) for some collaborations – the first being the above dystopian drone odyssey Their Words Are Lost in the Din of Jets Bower appears here as The Revenant Sea, which released a tape on the Auditory Field Theory label earlier this year, in collaboration with Roadside Picnic – check out the other releases on the excellent Jehu and Chinaman label too – the mind bending Circuit Rider album was featured in a previous post.

Their Words Are Lost in the Din of Jets was mastered by April Larson, who collaborates with Bower under the moniker of Isobel Ccircle for the gentler but no less absorbing drone release on the Chapel Yard label: Eyes in the Ground.


On to the latest release on the magnificent eclectic Alrealon Musique label, Environs by LAICA. Two extensive tracks weaved entirely from manipulated field recordings reveal an enticing soundscape: the inner environs of a mind lost within a catatonic labyrinth. There’s a remix album on the way too! Buy direct from Alrealon Musique here.


Up to the Snow is the new release from Lost Trail, available as an extremely limited handmade CD from Reverb Worship.

America is long gone and Mother Earth has reclaimed the land wild and free. The flora and fauna own the continent now, but still ghostly transmissions occasionally emanate from the ether amidst ruins smothered in wildlife – the psychic dream~song of a dead civilisation. This is the music of Lost Trail



The new album by Laurel Halo, Chance of Rain, is currently still available to stream on Pitchfork here, but might not be for long…


I talked a bit about the remarkable work of little known electronic composer Hermione Harvestman in my last post, and another fascinating part of her legacy has been released since: a musical interpretation of some of the ghost stories of legendary writer M R James. Sublime, and free to download until Halloween.



I give up on even trying to embed Mixcloud onto WordPress, but I leave you with the mix I put together for Samhain/Halloween this year.

Samhain Seance 2: Hex with a Daemon 





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