Pick of the Week (past/present/future)




I featured Bastardgeist‘s album Infinite Lives last week, and they’ve only gone and released a brand new eponymous album every bit as beguiling and deep as the last one! It would have been remiss of me not to feature it this week. 



Hot Jone by Maurice’s Hotel Death aka Larry Crywater is one of the best noise albums I’ve heard. An intense ride with myriad nuances that keep things very interesting indeed, this certainly invites multiple listens. 



There’s some spellbinding avant-garde drone to be discovered in the debut EP from Isobel Ccircle on the Chapel Yard label.



Two very interesting sonic adventures incoming from Exotic Pylon, the first being the above Antimacassar by Dolly Dolly, which will feature a host of marvelous guests: Position Normal, Regal Worm (I Monster), Time Attendant, Language,Timothy!, Moon Wiring Club, Steve Christie and Ekoplekz. There are only 5 of the eventual 19 tracks currently available to sample (Release date is 21st November) but I for one am most pleasantly intrigued by the fusion of word and sound I’m hearing.



The other is this uncanny offering from The Outer Church cult leader Joseph Stannard‘s project Canonbury, The Knock of the Shoe, also available for pre-order and released on Samhain (or Halloween, as most people know it). Only 4 tracks to listen to thus far, but with remixes from Anna Meredith, Hacker Farm, House in the Woods, Kemper Norton, Old Apparatus, Ship Canal, and Black Mountain Transmitter, this is another one to look and shell out for.



Here’s a new kraut-psych track by those masters of hex and bewitchery Wizards Tell Lies. If you’re not familiar with their work, you can head on over to their Bandcamp page to listen to some albums here.



Some brilliant wibbley wobbley space cake music from Circuit Rider



And here’s a magnificent komische mix Belloqsh – squarecirclesquare mix hosted by one of my favourite tape labels Constellation Tatsu.



My alter-ego The Ephemeral Man contributed the first track to this drone remix of The Carpenters‘ Singles album, curated by The Implicit Order. My track, a version of We’ve Only Just Begun, was sculpted entirely by sampling and manipulating the original song. 



Half-Life: Raise the Bar is a great fan made short based on the popular video game franchise, written and directed by Joe Miale, who has also made shorts based on the Assassin’s Creed and Fallout franchises. 



I leave you with two compilations of weird Japanese commercials because… umm… well, sometimes you just can’t beat some fucked up shit!

(Please excuse the unnecessary over-boobyfied thumbnail images for these videos – the actual content of the videos is far stranger…)









2 thoughts on “Pick of the Week (past/present/future)

  1. have you seen the movie 1408, with John Cussack? It’s got the most melted version of ‘we’ve only just begun’, i hope to sample that one sometime. thanks for such a fabulously dense post! tons of sounds to get lost in. ’bout time that dolly dolly releases something on EP! I’ve been waiting on a full length from that bloke for a hot minute. Been contenting myself with archaic podcasts and mixes, all this time. I love his photo blog. Cool to know yr hip to Constellation Tatsu, as well. I got their last batch and have been meaning to post a review, maybe now i finally will. had some pretty mesmerizing early autumn wandering listening to Grapefruit. (i think they’re from Portland, actually). Been wanting to listen to Wizards Tell Lies. Thanks again!

  2. Yes – I really liked 1408 (am a big Stephen King fan), will have to watch again because I don’t remember the Carpenters song on there! Dolly Dolly is pretty new to me, but have enjoyed his photo blog. Have you some links to his podcasts and mixes so I can check them out?

    Love the output from Constellation Tatsu!

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