Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


I’m super busy with the next incarnation of my zine Wyrd Daze at the moment, but wanted to quickly post some of the music I’ve been enjoying recently.

I’ll write a proper post about it before too long, but briefly: Wyrd Daze is a collaborative zine of experimental creativity which began as a one-off print edition and will continue as a monthly digital zine from the end of October.

Submission are open for writing, music, art, photography, video, and pretty much anything else! The zine will be available via a monthly subscription of $5.

The response to the call for submission has been wonderful, and I’m really excited about how things are developing. Inquiries and submissions should be sent to wyrd.daze@gmail.com


Right then, on with the show!

A few seconds in to the above album Edena by Piotr Kurek, and I knew I was going to love it. There’s something about komische music that pushes my bliss buttons. The term komische musik was originally used to describe (what the English referred to as) krautrock bands who incorporated synthesizers prominently into their music, such as Popol Vuh and Tangerine Dream. For me, the term adequately describes a cosmic vibe distinct from other electronic music. One definition of the German word komische (in relation to music/k)is: cosmic, pertaining to the universe as a whole. Can you dig it?

See also The Wyrding Module and Norm Chambers aka Panabrite, both of which I have talked about here before. (I would featured here The Wyrding Module‘s excellent new cassette release Subtemple Session II, but it’s already sold out and there’s no link to listen as yet.)

And see also the release below: Eventide by Sneaky Snake, which I’ve just discovered. Sublime.


I do so love my komische music. If you know of any gems, send me links!



The follow-up to Robin the Fog‘s seminal hauntological release The Ghosts of Bush is here, and mighty fine it is too! There’s still a few copies of the one-time pressing of 300 copies, so grab one while you can. Pay what you want for the digital version. Skip back to track one on the Bandcamp player above to listen from the beginning.



Drone maestros Lost Trail and The Implicit Order combine to create the above ethereal delight The Black Ridge Tapes. (Skip to track 1 for the whole thing)



And The Implicit Order continue the prolific output with a split with Elizabeth Veldon called Cruising and Stuff.



An excellent EP of broken dream pop by Machine est mon Coeur. (Again, skip to track 1 to listen from the beginning)



A 7″ of ghostly bass beats by Lost Few



A mesmerising video of a live jam by Bristolian bass collective Young Echo.

Stream Young Echo‘s debut album via Fact here.



I leave you with the incredibly talented Robin Fisher aka Salvage my Dream, and his beautiful collection of lo-fi songs with the album Desert, Sea and Grass.





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