Pick of the Week (past/present/future)




Should have mentioned this last time: the new release by Anna Meredith, the Jet Black Raider EP  has been unleashed upon the world and it’s incredible! You can buy it here for just £3, and stream it and her previous release Black Prince Fury here. Below is the track Orlock from the new EP If you haven’t heard it yet, prepare to have your mind blown…   



Richard Chartier, under the moniker Pinkcourtesyphone, recently contributed an outstandingly sculpted hallucinatory mix to the Secret Thirteen online journal, and you can sample its delights and download here.

(A new Pinkcourtesyphone album is imminent!)


Alexandra Mackenzie is an artist and musician from Toronto who clearly exists in her own magnificent psychedelic dimension… 



Alexandra’s website is here, her Tumblr here.




I’m a bit baffled as to why I hadn’t come across modern krautrockers Datashock before now, but better late than never, eh? They’ve recently released a new cassette, but it’s their great live-session recorded double LP Pyramiden von Gießen that I’ve embedded above. Lose yourself!


Clearlight is not the 60’s American psychedelic band Clear Light , nor 70’s French prog-rockers Clearlight, nor the more recent American instrumental heavy metal band Clearlight. He’s the deep dubstep (and beyond) artist Clearlight, m’kay? Anyways, I’m just discovering his music, and it’s pretty exciting to these ears. Above is a downloadable mix spun for Sub.FM .



The Active Listener is another thing I’ve been meaning to mention for ages. New Zealander Nathan Ford is the Active Listener, and he tirelessly reviews music on his blog: primarily psychedelic but with occasional forays into weird folk and sounds of a Hauntological nature. The blog can be found here, and the latest sampler of music compiled by Nathan can be heard and downloaded above. 



Songs for Sleep: a somnambulistic dreamscape. 



The Isolatarium is a science fiction story by Brad Rose, musician and curator of Digitalis Recordings. As you can see above, there is also a compilation album that goes with it, with contributions from Charlatan (one of Rose’s projects), Giant Claw, and Best Available Technology, among others. The ebook is going for just $2, and includes the album. You can read a small excerpt of the story here.



I first came across the enigmatic Foodman with this brilliant release on the bonkers Orange Milk Records, and discovered the above release after checking out The Isolatarium on Digitalis. There’s something beguilingly wonderful about Foodman’s authentic jittery Japtronica.



I leave you with an in-depth article celebrating 50 years of the cassette, here.





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