Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


Another batch of mind-bending music this week, starting with an exciting slice of modern krautrock by a group using the moniker Faux Brut.



The band is led by Californian artist and musician Choncey Langford, whose own Bandcamp page (which can be found here) includes an April 2012 release called Faux Brut, which is brilliant too. Indeed, all of Langford’s work is worth checking out.

Further burrowing down the rabbit hole reveals that the first track of the 2012 Faux Brut has a guest vocal from one Morgan Delt, a presumed pseudonym inspired by the 1966 British comedy Morgan – A Suitable Case for Treatment, which is about  eponymous hero .. working-class artist Morgan Delt (David Warner), obsessed with Karl Marx and gorillas, who tries to stop his ex-wife (Vanessa Redgrave) from remarrying.

Morgan Delt‘s own impressive psychedelic debut Psychic Death Hole can be found here.


 Curiouser and curiouser



Cortex Meridian is an album of sublime synthtopian kosmische dreamscapes by Norm Chambers aka Panabrite, whose talents I admire more with every release. The album was released as part of the second batch of summer tapes from one of my favourite labels, Constellation Tatsu. Another of the same batch, Stolen Highway by Grapefruit, is another rich and vibrant synthtopian dream; so good that I had to include it here too.



And there’s a link to Norm Chambers own Panabrite Bandcamp page right here.


Onward to the latest release from the Travin Systems label, the first of a series of short tapes called Travin Miniatures. 15 minutes of splendid acid drone slow techno to bobble along to:



And finally, how about some Japanese psychedelia to liven up your day? The eponymous album by Kikagaku Moyo is just brilliant, and a snip at 300 Japanese Yen, which is about $3.20 Canadian dollars, or £2.



As always, I’d like to encourage you to click on some of the links above and show the musicians some well deserved support.

Until next time…








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