Peddling my Wares


Gratuitous self promotion alert! Here are some of my available creations, and some of the things to come…



Creeps is my collection of dark fantasy short stories. You can buy it for 5 Canadian dollars, which is about £3.15, by clicking the button below. If you prefer to try before you buy, you can read one of the stories here, and an extract of another here. There’s also a nice review by my friend Clare here.

Creeps can be bought here.

My first album as The Ephemeral Man is called Nacreous Clouds, and is an epic hauntological journey into sci-fi drone and ambient electronica. It’s more than 1hr 40 mins long, and is available to listen and download for any price you like below.


Nacreous Clouds is also available as a lovingly crafted (by my wife Natasha) limited double-disc edition for only £6. There are a variety of designs. A couple of examples are in the pics below.



You can by the limited edition CD version of Nacreous Clouds here.


Image (4)

There are about 10 copies left of the collaborative zine Wyrd Daze that I compiled. Limited to 50 copies, the feedback from people who have bought the zine so far has been really great. I’m very proud of it. The full list of contents is below – the music comes as a download code.


– The Everlasting Girl by Clare Applegate

– Communique by Zachary Corsa

– Glory of Glormorsel by Berit Ellingsen

– Vandals by Pete Hackett

– Home by Nathaniel James

– Burden by Kek-w

– Thresholds by James Knight

– The Blackberry Ghost by Chris Lambert

– Lusum Magnetite by Chris Lambert

– Silent Streets: Awakening by C S

– Arthur Chance and the Lacuna Breeze by Leigh Wright


– The Stranger by Matt Bower

– Map of Mistakes by Declan Kelly

– Thresholds by James Knight

– Wyrd Daze 11 & 12 by April Larson

– Beneath the Water by Dom Murphy


This download compilation contains exclusive tracks by Hacker Farm, The Revenant Sea, Lost Trail, April Larson, Chris Lambert, Declan Kelly and The Ephemeral Man. There are also two rarities by Concretism, and tracks from the latest releases by oh/ex/oh and Cloud Waste and the Calf.

– Plan 9 by The Ephemeral Man

– Resonance Picture Machine by The Revenant Sea

– The Blackberry Picker by Chris Lambert

– Heart of the Blackberry Field by Chris Lambert

– The Vandals by Cloud Waste and the Calf

– Drainstorm by The Ephemeral Man

– Playtime by Concretism

– Automated Bitcoin Mining Bloc by Hacker Farm

– You Are Now Exiting Harbor House by April Larson

– Reliquary by The Ephemeral Man

– Microwave Towers by Concretism

– Bleach Bypass by Lost Trail

– Foothills by Declan Kelly

– Beneath the Water by oh/ex/oh

– Wyrd Daze by The Ephemeral Man

I only charge for the shipping of Wyrd Daze, but any added donations would be most welcome. You can purchase here.

I also produced an extended CD version of The Ephemeral Man‘s contribution to Wyrd Daze, with two extra tracks that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s limited to 25 copies, and is going for just £3 here.



Above is a suite of music that I composed for The Famulus Journal. It’s downloadable for any price you wish, and comes with a PDF of a story I wrote for the journal called Raven and the Boggart.



There is a very limited Box of Ephemera, which contains the CD version of Nacreous Clouds, a hand-written copy of my short story collection, Creeps, 36 printed photographs, an “inspirational dice game” and an original piece of art on an 8 x 6 inch canvas board. There will only ever be 10 of these, and they are going for just £30, plus shipping.


There’s also a digital version of the Box of Ephemera for £6 here.

So that’s the lot. If you made it this far, thank you for giving me the opportunity to peddle! If you are able to spend a little money, that would be really great. If not, please feel free to listen, read, and download what’s available anyway. I hope you enjoy!

Now for some news of future projects…

I’m working on my first novel, which is currently into it’s second draft. It’s about five people who are saved from the brink by the mysterious Mr. Normal, who sends each of them off on an errand through doors that lead to a variety of different worlds. It’s the first book of a series that I hope to develop.

I’ve proposed an idea for a writer and reader group called Bookends. Read more here.

I’ve composed a track called Ragnarok for The Dark. Outside project, where 24 hrs of previously unreleased music will be played in the Scottish wilderness. Find out more about the project here.

I’ve contributed a track to a forthcoming Alrealon Musique compilation celebrating the 5 years anniversary of the label. The track is called Doom, and is part of what may well develop into a War of the Worlds-like sci-fi concept album. 

The next Ephemeral Man album is simmering away nicely, but has no definite release date as of yet. It’s something of a techno-drone odyssey, and will be released on tape. More details to follow.

Wyrd Daze may continue as a subscription based product. I’m still musing over and working out details, but if you’re interested in contributing or finding out more, leave me a comment, or message me on Twitter: @Leigh_Wright_






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