Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


I’m stoked about the great music I have to share with you this week, so I’ll delve straight in! 


The spirit of Syd Barret lives on in Canadian three piece Crosss. With a slightly grungier psychedelia than early Floyd, the debut album Obsidian Spectre is a confidently cut gem that I for one find really exciting.

The entire album is streaming on the front page of telephoneexplosion.com but to add further encouragement towards giving it a listen, I’ve posted all 8 tracks below. 


Crosss guitarist and vocalist Andy March is also label head of Youth Club Records and the cassette orientated Craft Singles, both featuring predominantly Halifax and Montreal based bands.

Obsidian Spectre can be bought here.


Originally released in 2009 and recently reissued on vinyl (alas now all but sold out), Back to Zero by Australian band The Night Terrors is an accomplished triumph of theremin led progressive synthscape rock, or something. Genres, eh?


On to some splendid electronica now – Fourth: The Golden Eagle from UK based Kelpe. The Bandcamp player is cued to track 2, so you’ll have to skip back to hear the whole album.


The summer batch of tapes has been released on the brilliant Constellation Tatsu label, and I’d like to highlight this ethereal drift-pop album Drifters Gold from US artist and musician White Poppy.


And here’s a curious bit of retro experimental electronica from The Simonsound. Click through the link in the player to find out more.







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