Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


Hello, and welcome to another selection of some of the things I’ve been enjoying over the past couple of weeks.


There’s a fascinating interview with Gaahl of the band Wardruna, the music of which focuses on Nordic pagan spirituality, particularly the runes of the Elder Futhark. The interview is hosted by The Quietus, and can be found here.

Wardruna’s second album Runaljod – Yggdrasil was released at the end of March, and is truly magnificent. Samples of the first four tracks of the album, with commentary by band members Kvitrafn and Gaahl can be experienced in the video below.



Also on The Quietus is a short piece about The Dark. Outside project, organised by Stuart @Frenchbloke Mclean. 24hrs of unheard music to be broadcast in the Scottish Wilderness on 31st August/1st September, then perhaps never heard again. I wish I could be there in person, for it will undoubtedly be a magical experience. I will be there in spirit, however, as I have contributed a track from my alter ego The Ephemeral Man called Ragnarok

Read The Quietus piece here.


Jetsam + Gareth E. Rees @ Union Chapel's Daylight Music
Jetsam + Gareth E. Rees @ Union Chapel’s Daylight Music

 I’d like to introduce you to a Kickstarter project looking to raise funding for an collaborative album for the band Jetsam and The Marshman Chronicler Gareth E. Rees. The following quote is taken from the Kickstarter page: 

“A Dream Life of Hackney Marshes is a 35 minute sonic journey through the marshes of London’s Lower Lea Valley, a borderland between Hackney, Walthamstow and Leyton. On the marshes you drift through a landscape of Victorian reservoir systems, pylons, cows, Blitz rubble, illegal raves, graffiti, herons and kestrels. The piece evokes our sense of this place both as a refuge from the pressures of the city and as a unique space where London’s memories fill the bomb craters and pool among the ruins. 

The piece weaves song, spoken word, acoustic and electronic sound with the stories, histories and eccentricities of the Marshes and its inhabitants, be they people, pigeons or pylons. From invocations of the city skyline, to attempts at flight, laments and love songs, this piece has something for everyone and through this Kickstarter campaign we’d love to share it with you all.”

There are rehearsal extracts to listen to, and perks include downloads of the album, and signed copies of the forthcoming book The Marshman Chronicles by Gareth E. Rees. The Kickstarter page is here.



Random Mysterious Excellent Blog For You To Go Explore!


The Golden Age: an endless joy of pulp art, and more!


This really is a treasure trove, and is being regularly updated.


The Golden Age can be found here.



I recommend this this Pink Floyd remix tribute album:


Welcome to the dark electronic soundscape of The Duke St Workshop. Their album Lexicon Of Paragon Pines is “a concept album loosely built around 1970’s Cold Cases.”

The player below is cued up to track 18, so you might want to rewind back to track one – click through to reach the Bandcamp page for purchase. The limited CD version has sold out, but the digital version is a snip at £5.


And I leave you with a promo video of The Duke St Workshop’s Squirm, shot and directed by Wizards Tell Lies and The Revenant Sea man Matt Bower.



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