Pick of the Week (past/present/future)




In the wake of the new Boards of Canada album, I thought it might be an idea to re-visit the bands namesake – the National Film Board of Canada, especially as some people might not have gone so far as to explore what can be found there.

Of particular interest to me, and presumably to the members of the band also, is the “Outside the Box” output of the organisation, which it announces to be a collection of “Experimental films, humorous films and films that make you go ‘Wha…?’ “

Here is the classic trippy 1972 short film Series 4 by Normand Grégoire:


Series 4 by Normand Grégoire, National Film Board of Canada


Or rather, I’ve tried to embed the video, but I’m not sure if it’s going to work properly – there are some links just above, and if you click on the one that says Series 4, it’ll take you there.

The Outside the Box page on the National Film Board of Canada website is here.


If you haven’t yet delved into the mighty, mystical world of Lost Trail, then now is the perfect time, as they have recently released a retrospective compilation from their last two years of work. People unfamiliar with the nuances of drone music may find these soundscapes perplexing at first, but I urge you to persevere. This is music to walk, create, or meditate to; music to lie on the floor and stare at the minutiae of the ceiling to; music to get lost and found to. 


If you click on the green title on the Bandcamp player above, you’ll find lots more Lost Trail wonders, and for only $8 you can buy a handmade CD-R edition of the Pages From The Alamance Hymnal album, which will include a new and exclusive track recorded especially for each order, which will be released nowhere else, as well as “a few other surprises”



Also falling into the “must have” category is this outstanding release by the Front & Follow label, a 50 track 2 CD edition collecting the EP’s from the Collision/Detection experimental audio project from Long Division with Remainders. A browse through their Soundcloud account here will reveal some snippets from the release. Look how beautifully packaged it is:



A quick reminder that the experimental writing, art, and music zine Wyrd Daze is set to be released on the June 18th, and can be pre-ordered here

It’s limited to just 50 copies, and almost half of those are gone already, so don’t delay! 



Iain Banks the quarry

I leave you with the last interview with one of this planet’s greatest writers, Iain Banks, who sadly died on the 9th June. Here.




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