Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


I’ve got some short films and trailers for you this week, starting with a couple of fan-made Judge Dredd films. First the complete short Judge Minty, which has remarkably good production values for a fan film, and has obviously been made with much care and love.

Next is a trailer for a proposed web-series set in the Dredd universe called Cursed Edge. (The Facebook page is here.)


Now for some trailers of upcoming TV shows due to premiere this Autumn.

Karl Urban (who played Judge Dredd in the brilliant 2012 film Dredd – and apparently there is still a chance that we might get to see a sequel) stars in this promising sci-fi-police-cyber-drama Almost Human, by creator/executive producer J.H. Wyman and executive producer J.J. Abrams, who both worked on Fringe.


Next, a British-American co-production re-imagining Dracula. You may think you’ve had enough of vampires, but with showrunner Dan Knauf, creator of the amazing HBO series Carnivàle, as well as the producers of Downton Abbey and the director of The Tudors, this is looking good.


A premise that probably shouldn’t work but just might is a modern re-telling of Sleepy Hollow. This could be fun…


And finally, it’s time for what may very well be the best short film in the history of the universe and everything: Fist of Jesus. No, really!

The makers of Fist of Jesus are looking for funding for a feature film called Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem, which just has to happen. You can find out more information at fistofjesus.com or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.





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