Wyrd Daze and a mix for ‘A Closer Listen’



It was with great pleasure that I took the opportunity to put together a mix for the experimental music blog a closer listen

The mix has been released today (May 28th) along with a little interview with me in which I talk about my experiences with music, my alter ego The Ephemeral Man, and about a collaborative experimental zine Wyrd Daze that I am about to release. The mix and interview can be found on the a closer listen blog, here.

I jumped the gun a little in the interview, because I state that the zine can be found on my Bandcamp page, which isn’t yet so. Limited to 50 copies, it’ll be available to pre-order on the 1st birthday of The Ephemeral Man, 6th June, here.

What I’d like to do here is announce the full line-up of the zine. The response to my inquiries for contributions far exceeded my expectations, and I really am delighted at all the wondrous creativity I have the privilege of hosting.  

The contents of this issue are as follows, the writing and art contributors listed in alphabetical order, the music compilation listed in the final running order.



–  The Everlasting Girl                             by     Clare Applegate

–  Communique                                        by     Zachary Corsa

–  Glory of Glormorsel                             by     Berit Ellingsen

–  Vandals                                                by     Pete Hackett

–  Home                                                   by     Nathaniel James

–  Burden                                                 by     Kek-w

–  Thresholds                                           by     James Knight

–  The Blackberry Ghost                          by     Chris Lambert

–  Lusum Magnetite                                  by     Chris Lambert

–  The Mystique of Plotinus: Between divinity and contemplation  

                                                                by     Natasha Thibouthot

–  Silent Streets: Awakening                    by     C S

– Arthur Chance and the Lacuna Breeze   by    Leigh Wright



–  The Stranger                                          by     Matt Bower

–  Map of Mistakes                                     by     Declan Kelly

–  Thresholds                                             by     James Knight

–  Wyrd Daze 11 & 12                                by     April Larson

–  Beneath the Water                                 by     Dom Murphy



This compilation contains exclusive tracks by Hacker Farm, The Revenant Sea, Lost Trail, April Larson, Chris Lambert, Declan Kelly and The Ephemeral Man. There are also two rarities by Concretism, and tracks from the latest releases by oh/ex/oh and Cloud Waste and the Calf.


–  Plan 9                                                     by     The Ephemeral Man 

–  Resonance Picture Machine                   by     The Revenant Sea

–  The Blackberry Picker                             by     Chris Lambert

–  Heart of the Blackberry Field                  by     Chris Lambert

–  The Vandals                                            by     Cloud Waste and the Calf

–  Drainstorm                                               by     The Ephemeral Man

–  Playtime                                                   by     Concretism

–  Automated Bitcoin Mining Bloc                by     Hacker Farm

–  You Are Now Exiting Harbor House         by     April Larson

–  Reliquary                                                 by     The Ephemeral Man

–  Microwave Towers                                  by     Concretism

–  Bleach Bypass                                         by     Lost Trail

–  Foothills                                                   by     Declan Kelly

–  Beneath the Water                                   by     oh/ex/oh 

–  Wyrd Daze                                               by     The Ephemeral Man



All rights for the creative works compiled in Wyrd Daze are retained by the creators.





Pick of the Week (past/present/future)

Chris Hadfield demonstrating his immense Jedi powers on May 4th - Star Wars day
Chris Hadfield demonstrating his immense Jedi powers on May 4th – Star Wars day

Every social media user should be following at least one astronaut, because sometimes they Tweet from space, which is way cool. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been meaning to mention Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station. He’s has been up there since Winter Solstice 2012, and is due to come home tomorrow, on May 13th.

Among other things, Chris has been taking numerous amazing photographs of the Earth…




…demonstrating how things in space, and how to perform simple tasks, like brushing teeth…

…and he even took time to lead nearly a million people in a sing-song, performing I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing?), that he co-wrote with Barenaked Ladies’ front man Ed Robertson.

Astronauts are cool. And Chris Hadfield is the coolest!

You can follow him on Twitter here, Facebook here, Google+ here, and you can listen to snippets of sound taken from the I.S.S on Chris’ Soundcloud, below.



The second episode of “name your price” webcomic The Private Eye by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, and Muntsa Vicente is now available here.



It’s been five years since any new material by the brilliant Xenis Emputae Travelling Band  – though the extensive back catalogue has been recently updated onto Bandcamp here – but a new album called Three Spirits has just been released on tape by the Brave Mysteries label. Investigate and buy here.


Phil Legard from Xenis Emputae Travelling Band talks about the release on his blog here, explaining that “The last track of the album, Littlebeck Trisagion, is intended as an aural companion to the chapbook The Mirror of Elicona, published by Hadean Press, which may well be of interest to esoterically minded people.


The Mirror of Elicona can be bought here, or as a digital version here.


wyrd book

Now, I’ve been meaning to post about The Wyrding Module for ages, because it’s a project that massages a certain undefinable sweet spot for me, but I’ve not wanted to bog it down amongst lots of other music because it really does deserve special attention.

The Wyrding Module “is a solo project from paramusician Christopher Gladwin… the psychotronic sounds of the module are inspired by Kosmiche Musik, Mantra-Rock, Post-industrial ambience, and the Occult.”

Fuck yeah! Christopher chooses to disseminate his amazing work for free, which is exceedingly generous. The glorious complete works can be acquired by applying for a login pass by email at the website here

And in the meantime you can listen to and download The Hadronic Seeress and other Wyrd Tales: Part 1 below:

and here also is an excellent krautrock mix by The Wyrding Module:


I leave you with an excellent dreamy performance of Ingenue from the Atoms for Peace album Amok by Thom Yorke on the Jonathan Ross show.



May the 4th Be With You!


No pick of the week this week, as I am busy with creative projects, and I spent most of yesterday (May 4th) in Quebec City enjoying Free Comic Book Day, soaking up the sun, and taking some field recordings.

Here’s a pic of the bounty of comics I gained – all free except for the two Locke & Key trades, which I finally got around to buying…


And here’s a pic of the Peruvian ocarina and gourd maraca I bought from a nice little Peruvian Fair Trade shop. Oh, and some drumsticks. I don’t have a drum kit, but that won’t stop me!

DSCF1006 I leave you with a couple of photographs and a montage of field recordings. I’m off to the post office to complete my Joe Hill acquisition weekend by picking up my copy of NOS4A2. Rikunakusun!