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Greetings technonauts, and welcome to Pick of the Week: my own personal harvest of content from around the multi-verse, with no particular regards to time, space, or dimension. All clear? ! Then let us proceed…



Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam is volume five of a “multidisciplinary anthology of amazing queer monster and ghost fiction, poetry and art.” 

Artist, designer, and writer John Coulthart supplies the cover art, as well as a work-in-progress piece from the novel he has been working on since 2006, a self-contained piece called Study in Blue, Green, and Goldwhich features “copious quantities of sex, hallucinogenic drugs, steam locomotives and a fractal cat.” (This information taken from John’s blog here.)

The anthology is currently looking for help with promotional costs via Kickstarter. $30 will get you a copy of the book, as well as your name listed as a supporter.  The Kickstarter page can be found here.



There’s a nice article/interview with the brilliant author Jeff Noon here.      Jeff also Tweets wonderful “microspores” @jeffnoon, and the 20th Anniversary edition of his amazing first novel Vurt was released on April 11th, which includes three new short stories set in the same universe.


A very interesting interview with Robert Glenn Howard entitled: Born Digital Folklore and the Vernacular Web, can be found here.


I’ve had it in mind for a couple of weeks now to muster an intelligent commentary on the recent controversy over two TEDx talks, by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake, that were removed from the TEDx YouTube channel and relegated to relatively obscure pages on their blog.

An intelligent commentary from me isn’t forthcoming due to lack of time and discipline, but I would very much encourage you to view the talks, read about the controversy, and perhaps delve into further investigation on the subjects raised.

Rupert Sheldrake’s talk, entitled The Science Delusion, is here.

Graham Hancock’s talk, entitled The War on Consciousness, is here.


More detail is to be gleamed from the following:

Rupert Sheldrake’s book, The Science Delusion: Freeing The Spirit Of Enquiry. The Goodreads page is here.

Facebook post by Graham Hancock, here.

TED blog post about the controversy, here.

Graham Hancock’s 2005 book, Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient   Teachers of Mankind. The Goodreads page is here.

– An April 7th article from The Independent about using psilocybin for treating depression, but how trials are severely impeded by “insane” laws, here

– Another article from The Independent, this time from September 2011, about how a ” single magic mushroom ‘can change personality’ “, here.

– 26th September 2012 article from The Guardian “MDMA may help treat depression and PTSD, Channel 4 study suggests”, here.


And so on. Viewer discretion and inquiry is advised. So too, an open mind. 


I haven’t included many links connected to Rupert Sheldrake’s talk, but I generally agree with the views in his talk. I must say that I find some people’s propensity towards an almost fundamentalist view that Science is the be all and end all of existence rather alarming.

In case you’re wondering, I consider myself a very spiritual person. I follow no religion or particular creed, though I do currently lean towards a pagan/neo-platonic/shamanistic conglomeration of thought. Having said that, I generally prefer to try and shed belief rather than take it on. I love science. I love philosophy. I love thinking about Life, the Universe, and Everything, and remind myself frequently to consciously strive to be true to myself. So there! 😛


Random Mysterious Excellent Blog For You To Go Explore Of The Week: 

Banner 2

A Sound Awareness can be found here.


and now… 

                                            M U S I C !



Conceived in 2010/2011 but just recently released, O The Light How It Burns, O The Dark How It Heals is some of the earliest Wolf Florescence material created. Deep drone synthopic soundscapes.



“Pandelindio is a self-described “solo and collective project of experimental and ritualistic music” from Argentina. On this recording the band is comprised of founder Federico Fossati and Pablo Picco of Ø+yn.”



And here is Ø+yn‘s own Bandcamp, with the mesmerising The crown of a tree without roots album from 2009.


I leave you with some news about an upcoming zine my wife and I are putting together called Wyrd Daze. It will be a limited physical product filled with art and writing, and will also include a download code for a music compilation, some of the tracks from which will be exclusive to the zine!

Expect Wyrd Daze issue one around mid-May, with confirmed contributions from:

Hacker Farm

Berit Ellingsen

The Revenant Sea

April Larson

Lost Trail

Chris Lambert

Cloud Waste and the Calf

With more to be confirmed!

Here is a song by my alter ego The Ephemeral Man that will be included on the compilation. A synthpop love song for my wife, Natasha, I haven’t quite captured the full sound I hear in my head, but considering my lo-fi equipment, I’m proud of it.








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