Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


Greetings, and welcome to this week’s pick!

I’m going to start this week with some comic brilliance. Check this out:

(clicking on the image makes it bigger – you can click back to return afterwards)


and this:


Two amazing images by artist Farel Darlrymple for the highly recommended comic Prophet, written by Brandon Graham and published by Image Comics.

Farel also created a web comic called It Will all Hurt which is about to be collected in a print edition, but which originally appeared on the Study Group Comics website, which you can experience here.

Also see Farel Darlrymple’s website fareldalrymple.com, his Tumblr popgunwar.tumblr.com, or catch him on Twitter here.



The beguiling world of Hans Rickheit’Cochlea & Eustachia is waiting for you, here.



Writer Brian K. Vaughan (who has adapted an upcoming miniseries of Stephen King’s Under the Dome), and artist Marcos Martin have launched a ‘pay what you like’ downloadable comic called The Private Eye – part one of a proposed 10 part “sci-fi detective story for mature readers”. Experience it here.


wychelm banner 940

Random Mysterious Excellent Blog For You To Go Explore Of The Week award (which may or may not become a thing) goes to Beyond the Wychelm.

Here you go.

 (On your travels, don’t forget to check out the host’s Mixcloud profile.)


Which gently inaugurates us to the inevitable music section of this post…



The brilliant new album by The Haxan Cloak, called Excavation, is out on Monday (15th April) on Tri-angle Records. In the meantime, but probably not for much longer, you can stream the album in full via Pitchfork here.



The wyrd world of the Xenis Emputae Travelling Band will enchant you with its catalogue of esoteric avant-folk and experimental field & drone recordings, here.

And there’s a link to a post on XETB instigator Phil Legard’s blog, where he introduces us in delightful detail to a mix of music inspired by John Dee, here.


I’ve recently discovered the Australian radio show The Golden Apples of the Sun, and so should you. They play “psych, folk, and electronica”, and also serve as a “launch-pad to new sub-genres”. Great stuff, which can be found here.



You didn’t even realise that you needed a Greek psychedelic folk pop band in your life, but you really do! Welcome Dozen Draft and their accomplished and vibrant album Hands, which you can listen to and buy for only $2 here.


Cloud Waste and the Calf has released his third EP of haunty radiophonic electronica, Rare Sounds Around Britain Volume 3, and it’s rather splendid! Listen to and buy for only £1.99 here.


And finally, because there’s only so much awesome that can exist in one place without causing a cosmic rupture in the very fabric of the Universe, there’s a very lovely mix of modern classical / ambient / drone artists via Gizeh Records here.


Toodle pip!





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