Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


A very quick pick of the week this time, as I’m working on a short story and some music for an imminent deadline (more news on that soon).

This weekend I will also be geeking out to the maximum as Saturday is new Doctor Who, and Sunday is new Game of Thrones! 

Y A Y !  


The publicity pic for new Who
The publicity pic for new Who


Also on Saturday, premiering on BBC America is a new sci-fi series Orphan Black, which looks interesting. You can watch the opening scene here.

Also, while we’re geeking out on genre TV, there’s a pretty neat (and gruesome) werewolf transformation from Eli Roth‘s Netflix exclusive Hemlock Grove show – all 13 episodes of which will be up there on April 19th. Don’t think I’ll subscribe to Netflix just for that, but hopefully I’ll be able to watch the show eventually, because it looks like it has potential. Obviously, the clip isn’t suitable for kids or people who don’t want to see gruesomeness, but you can watch here.

Did you watch the BBC’s In the Flesh, about the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, where Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers are rehabilitated?  I mentioned it last week, and have only seen the first episode so far, but really enjoyed it. The third episode airs on Sunday. Catch up here.



This week I have mostly be listening to (in no particular order, but all good):


A Circle is Forever by The Big Ship ~ link here.

Orz by Joan Skyler ~ link here.

eaT biscuiT by Gut Nose ~ link here.

– Kosmische Constellation mix by Günter Schlienz ~ link here.

Tales from the Black Meadow by The Soulless Party ~ link here.

Recurring Universe mix by Emerging Species ~ link here.

– The latest episode of Philippe Petit‘s radio show ~ link here.







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