Pick of the Week (past/present/future)

23 Mar


– I’m going to start this week with one of my all-time favourite artists, Kris Kuksi.

The Recreation

The Recreation

I would love a grand hall filled with his wondrous sculptures. I’d spend many hours there, exploring the intricate detail of these baroque masterpieces in awe.


Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Rising

“A post-industrial Rococo master, Kris Kuksi obsessively arranges characters and architecture in asymmetric compositions with an exquisite sense of drama. Instead of stones and shells he uses screaming plastic soldiers, miniature engine blocks, towering spires and assorted debris to form his landscapes.

The political, spiritual and material conflict within these shrines is enacted under the calm gaze of remote deities and august statuary. Kuksi manages to evoke, at once, a sanctum and a mausoleum for our suffocated spirit.”

~ Guillermo del Toro



Triumph (detail)

Triumph (detail)

Triumph (Detail)

Triumph (detail)

Triumph (Detail)

Triumph (detail)

A Heroic Abduction

A Heroic Abduction

A Heroic Abduction (detail)

A Heroic Abduction (detail)

There’s oh so much more to discover at


– A fascinating thirty-part series made in collaboration with the British Library Sound Archive has begun on BBC Radio 4. Each episode of Noise: A Human History, is 15 minutes long, and can be found on the iPlayer here.


Incidentally, all the radio programmes on the BBC iPlayer can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Access to TV programmes and live TV streaming is normally restricted outside of the UK, but they can be view with a proxy unblocker thingy. Technical terminology, I know. But look, here’s a couple of examples. If you use Google Chrome you can use the Hola Unblocker extension here, which allows you to use the UK’s BBC iplayer and the U.S’s Hulu as if you were in country. Sweet! I think Hola might be available for other browsers too. There’s also Tunnel Bear which does a similar thing, and I’m sure there are others.


– And hey – here’s another tip. For my radio fix I use the Radio Downloader, which allows you to download BBC radio programmes (and podcasts) for you to listen to in your own time. You can even ‘subscribe’ to things, so that they’ll download automatically. So perfect if, like me, you’re not able to tune in to things like Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere or Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone when they air live.


– While we’re talking BBC – there’s a short prequel to the brand new Doctor Who episode “The Bells of Saint John“, which airs next Saturday (YES!) here


– And I’ve just realised that the first episode of BBC THREE‘s 3 part drama about the aftermath of a zombie uprising and the rehabilitation of “Partially Deceased Syndrome” sufferers In the Flesh has already been on. The second episode is tomorrow (24th). I haven’t watched it yet, but it certainly looks interesting. Go Here.


OK – time for some music:


The cover for the 'Hello Skinny' album

The cover for the ‘Hello Skinny’ album


– The eponymous album by Hello Skinny is magnificent. Full of jazz-techno-avant-garde goodness. Listen and buy here.


Alrealon Musique is an independent label dedicated to experimental music. They support an eclectic mix of artists who are producing some great albums. It’s pointless talking about genre here, as the music frequently transcends them. The best thing to do is to go discover their amazing sounds for yourself here.

– The good folk at Alrealon Musique are very kind, enthusiastic, and encouraging. It’s a rare and precious thing. They asked me to put together a mix for them, and so I did! It’s a heady mixture of psychedelic, ambient, haunt, and electronica. I would be delighted if you took the time to listen to it – here.

– Also, Dave Fleet aka Laica‘s latest Numbers Broadcast show on internet radio station Future Music featured a great showcase mix of Alrealon Musique tunes. You can listen to the entire show here.


– There’s a new SPEKTRMODULE podcast by Warren Ellis! It’s here.


Cover for 'Music for Film' by 'Giant Claw'

Cover for ‘Music for Film’ by ‘Giant Claw’ on the ‘Constellation Tatsu’ label                    


– There’s some truly amazing sounds coming from the U.S tape culture.  

Two of my favourite labels are Constellation Tatsu, which can be found here

   and Geweih Ritual Documents, which can be found here.

So much wyrd and wonderful music to be explored on both those labels.


The cover for the 'Long Arms' EP by 'Insect Ark' on the 'Geweih Ritual Documents' label

The cover for the ‘Long Arms’ EP by ‘Insect Ark’ on the ‘Geweih Ritual Documents’ label


OK, that’s it for now – until next weekend…







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2 responses to “Pick of the Week (past/present/future)

  1. samludford

    March 24, 2013 at 10:44 am

    Yowsers, those sculptures are absolutely mind-blowing. I’ve never heard of this chap before, can’t wait to get digging!

    • Leigh Wright

      March 24, 2013 at 12:48 pm

      Mind blowing is definitely the word! I can lose myself in them for ages – would love to see them in real life… :)


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