Pick of the Week (past/present/future)


Greetings traveller, and welcome to this week’s round-up of links to things that resonate with and inspire me…


John Coulthart is an artist and designer whose work includes illustration and design for albums, books, and comics.


John’s blog is where he catalogues “interests, obsessions, and passing enthusiasms”, and is a constant source of interesting thoughts about art, music, culture, and beyond. Chances are I’ll be passing on links discovered on his blog here every now and then. Highly recommended, John’s blog can be found here.


– Which leads me in smartly to a great discovery made on John’s blog: the 1982 animated science fiction film Chronopolis by Polish animator Piotr Kamler, with a  electronic score by composer Luc Ferrari.

image montage from Chronopolis taken from John Coulthart's blog
image montage from Chronopolis taken from John Coulthart’s blog

     Beguiling and bold, Chronopolis is available to watch on Ubuweb here.


Also mentioned on John Coulthart‘s original blog post (which can be found here) are two other classic animated science fiction films by French animator and director René Laloux.

These two I remember fondly from my youth:

Les Maîtres du Temps / Time Masters (1982), which can be watched here.

And the magnificent La Planète sauvage / Fantastic Planet (1973) here.



– A new six part BBC Radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s fantasy series Neverwhere begins today (March 16th), and promises to be quite brilliant. The impressive cast includes James McAvoyBenedict Cumberbatch, and Christopher Lee. The Neverwhere homepage is here.


– There’s about a week left of the Kickstarter for The Mill at Calder’s End – a Victorian Ghost Story Puppet Film. They’ve already reached their initial goal, so this is definitely happening, but it’s worth checking out, even if only to watch the trailer. Here.


– @SeraphicManta on Twitter indirectly reminded me that I somehow still haven’t read any of American horror/weird author Thomas Ligotti‘s books yet. I really should. In the meantime there’s a good 2011 interview with Ligotti on the Weird Fiction Review website here.


– While I’m delving into interviews, there’s nice one with experimental/drone/folk musician Michael Tanner, of Plinth, United Bible Studies, The Cloisters and other projects here.

The cover image for "Music for Smalls Lighthouse" - one of my favourite Michael Tanner albums.
The cover image for “Music for Smalls Lighthouse” – one of my favourite Michael Tanner albums.

If you haven’t yet heard any of Michael Tanner’s music, you’re in for a real treat. His Bandcamp is here.


– And there’s a great personal retrospective of the musical career of Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner in the Quietus interview here.


Some more amazing music I have been listening to and would recommend:


– The new Revenant Sea album on the Auditory Field Theory label. Music for deep space and flotation tanks. Check it out at the AFT site here.


Cover artwork for the 'Stalking Horse' album 'Specters' by Drew Millward
Cover artwork for the ‘Stalking Horse’ album ‘Specters’ by Drew Millward

– A wonderful alternative rock band called Stalking Horse. I’d don’t like to compare the sound of one band to another, even though the influences may be apparent. Doing so may put people off, or give the false impression that the newer work is an inferior derivative. The Stalking Horse album Specters is vibrant and exciting, and I really want you to go give it a listen or three. Here


The Black Polygons. Sublime lo-fi haunty drone cinematic soundscapes. Here.


– The decaying beauty of Love Cult‘s debut album Fingers Crossed. Here.


– The precursor to Robin the Fog‘s defining tribute to the BBC’s Bush House and Radiophonic Workshop, “The Ghosts of Bush” has been released. It’s called Earl Grey Whistle Test, and can be found here


Atomic Shadow creates “experimental ambient electronic music that echos the Mid-Century pioneers. Musique Concrete, Radiophonic Workshop, tape loops, sine waves and ring modulators.” Look, here he is: 


I know – cool, right? I mean – he has a Control Centre of vintage equipment…


Mind blown. I’m so envious! The music’s great too: the Bandcamp is here.



I had a long weekend with a stinking cold last week, and I played the new Tomb Raider game. All the way through. It’s vivid, visceral, and incredibly exciting.


I suppose that’s quite enough content to be pushing for one week…





The Matter of Contradiction





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