I am very pleased to have finally released my debut short story collection into the world, as well as a double album!

The fiction is a collection of dark fantasy/horror stories called CREEPS. Almost twenty four thousand words of strange tales, available as a digital download with bonus song ‘I Try’ here:

You can read one of the stories from the collection here

and an extract from another one here

The stories were written over a period of several years, stemming back to when I was participating in a creative writing course with the Open University. Over the past few months I have revised and polished the stories to the finished state they are in now.


The album is called Nacreous Clouds. A little under two hours of beguiling electronica, available as a handmade double disc CD-R album limited to just 40 copies or digital download here

Here’s what the physical album looks like:


There are a variety of different designs


Finally, limited to just 10 copies, is the Box Of Ephemera.

This contains a handwritten copy of CREEPS (each one of which took about 50 hours to complete), a physical copy of the lovingly crafted double disc album Nacreous Clouds, 36 printed photographs of my Shades of Grey project, an “Inspirational dice game”, an original piece of art, and a one year membership of the mysterious Club Ephemeral, details of which will remain exclusive to Box of Ephemera owners for now – all contained within a genuine Romeo & Juliet Habana cigar box.

There will only ever be 10 of the Box of Ephemera. 

They are also available here

Here are some glimpses of what it looks like:





My beautiful wife, Natasha, was invaluable with helping me with the design of this release. She made the CD packaging, and without her this release would not exist. Thank you so much for your assistance and encouragement, my love.

This album was produced using open source music creation and mixing software, and the built in microphone from my camcorder – except for the track ‘I Try’, which was recorded using a ‘Zoom H1’.

Profits from this release will go towards upgrading equipment, and the next Ephemeral Man release.




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