I’ve been really busy with my upcoming short story and album project – due for release by the end of February – and consequently have been neglecting my blogs. (This one, and the Ephemeral Man one here).

Most conspicuously absent here, to my eyes, is a view of the freezing cold Winter that I’m having to endure here in Quebec. So that has to be remedied right away!


DSCF1001From the ferry on the St. Lawrence River looking at Old Quebec City


DSCF1025 (2)A view from a window of the library at the University of Laval


DSCF1043Deep in the tundra, on the grounds of the University of Laval


DSCF1086A bleak and misty day on the shore of the Fleuve (St. Lawrence River)


DSCF1097The scenic path that runs through the town of Levis.


Feeling cold enough yet?

Hmm… I’m not convinced. Maybe you should go look at this short video I took from a window at my home of a brief lull in a snowy tempest the other day, just to be sure. Here it is.

Winter is by far the longest season in Quebec. And it gets bloody cold. A few days ago we had an ARCTIC FREEZY BLAST OF DOOM which made it feel like -45 DEGREES CENTIGRADE!!

Now that’s just silly.


Anyway, the pictures above are from a larger collection that I’ll be posting on my Ephemeral Man blog around the end of the month. The collection is imaginatively called ‘January’. There will be a new collection every month.

Wonder what I’ll call the next one..? 😛


OK, now back to my upcoming fiction and music releases. I’ll be harping on a lot about this in coming weeks, so I apologise in advance. They are a labour of love for me, and I’m very excited to be finally getting my creativity out there.

I talked a little bit about the project in an earlier post here. The biggest and most complete release will be the “Box of Ephemera” which, amongst other things, will include a hand-written copy of my short story collection, CREEPS. Each copy is taking me about 50 hours to complete! There will only ever be 10 of these.

There will also be a memory stick version of the project, with digital versions of CREEPS and my album, which now has a name: ‘Nacreous Clouds’. It’s a 2-disc monster, providing a little under 2 hours of pleasing hauntological electonica!)

You can listen to some extracts from the album here.

You can also read the shortest of the stories from CREEPS, called Haven here, if you haven’t already.


In a couple of weeks, I promise I’ll post an extract from one of the other stories in the collection.

In the meantime: Brrr…





  1. ah! I believe I would enjoy Quebec & its magnificent sense of winter…(any temperature that causes me to feel even the slightest bit warm is not to my liking);

    looking forward to seeing your “box” come to life…(do let me know when available!)


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