Box of Ephemera


I’ve reached 1000 views on this blog, and 500 followers on Twitter! Hooray! I am very happy and grateful – gargantuan thanks to all those viewers and followers!

To celebrate, I thought I’d give a little update about myself and what I’m doing. I have some exciting news!

Firstly, for those that don’t know: I’m an Englishman currently living in Quebec, having moved at the end of January this year with my beautiful love Natasha.

Getting a job has proven far more difficult than I imagined, there being all kinds of rules and regulations here. For a start, you obviously need a work Visa before you can work, but you need a job before you can apply for a work Visa. Chicken? Egg?

I’ve applied for all kinds of things, from fast food restaurant grease boy or hotel cleaner, to child minder or English teacher, and the main problem isn’t even that I don’t speak French very well – it’s that employers just don’t seem to hire people that need work Visas. Even if I offer to pay the required fees, they don’t want the hassle of all the forms (and there’s extra ones here in Quebec on top of the usual Canadian ones) and legality that goes with the process.

It really is quite a surprise. I expected there to be some precedent for employers accepting at least a very small percentage of people from abroad, but it seems not.

So it’s not great at all that right now Natasha has to pay our way, especially as she’s also trying to complete a Degree in Classical Studies, but we get by. (I try to be a good house husband, and luckily I’m not a bad cook).

I’ve taken my situation as an opportunity to continue what I really want to be doing with my life, which is creating.

Some time early next year, I will finally be releasing my short story collection CREEPS, as well as my first album of beguiling music.

I’m working on a special product called The Ephemeral Man’s Box of Ephemera (The Ephemeral Man being my creative alter ego)

Inside the Box of Ephemera will be a copy of the album, some art and photography, a little inspirational dice game thingy, some ephemera from the shore of the fleuve, and a hand-written copy of my short story collection.

Here a sneak peek of work in progress…


(Those are genuine Romeo & Juliet Habana cigar boxes…)

I love the idea of hand-writing my stories, but it takes a looong time. This collection has about 24,000 words, and each one must be done correctly. One mistake, and out the page goes – I have to start again. (Which can be frustrating when I’m near the end of the second side of a page) Still, it’s a very Zen process, and I am become patient. (With just a tiny rage every now and then.)  😉

There will only ever be 10 of these Box of Ephemera (Carefully hand-writing 240,000 words is enough of a goal right now), but the short story collection will be available in e-format, and possible a limited printed edition if I can source a good way to do it.

The album will be available as a limited physical edition on it’s own, and as a digital download.

To whet your appetite for the releases, you can read one of my stories, HAVEN (revised since the last time I posted it) here. It should take about 10 minutes to read.

You can also listen to one of the tracks of the forthcoming album, here.

Hope you like!

I’ll leave you with a gratuitous shot of our snails, Swift and Lacy…



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