Au revoir Summer

Summer’s reign was long and sweet here in Quebec. Now that power languishes until next year – the wheel turns ever on and on.

Which means Autumn is here – a most beautiful time of the year, as the natural world explodes into decaying colour – and I will take the time to enjoy it, but I must admit that I’m feeling a little trepidation at the coming Winter.

I arrived in Quebec on the first of February, and the snow and deep cold was already settled in for the long haul. Three months later I was longing for the thaw to hurry up, and desperate to see life blooming on the trees and from the ground.

This Winter I’ll be here from the start. We’re talking FIVE MONTHS of cold – some of it REALLY fucking cold: the average winter temperature in quebec is between -10 and -25 degrees celsius. It can go well below -30. Help me.

Of course, Quebeccers do Winter here every year, and are happily resigned to the fact. I’ll be plenty warm enough at home… I’m just going to have to work on the feeling of bleak oppression I get when I think about the coming cold.

It’s never too late to worship the Sun.


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