Happy Happy Joy Boy!


Has it really been three months since my last proper blog post?

Life has been breezy, and when I say that I mean as in the definition by http://www.thefreedictionary.com/  which is this: 2. Fresh and animated; lively

as apposed to the absurdly hilarious, offensive, but brilliant http://www.urbandictionary.com/ , which defines it rather differently. I won’t put the definition here, but feel free to use the link above to go have some fun with the Urban Dictionary yourself. Type in any word you can think of, including and especially slang, and have a giggle, but be warned: it’s not really what you would describe as “politically correct”! It does have some amusing observation in there, though, and humour is one of the spices of life, is it not? 😛

Oh wait, I’ve sent you all away, and I’ve barely even begun…

Why not stay here and go play with the Urban Dictionary later? I have NEWS!

The biggest, brightest and bestest news is to do with my lovely love love Natasha.

We finally moved into our own flat on May 1st after a stint with Natasha’s wonderful, patient, and generous family while we got ourself settled here in Quebec. We’re now living in a pleasant town called Levis, and if I glance to my right I can look out of the window and see the across the fleuve  to Old Quebec City. There’s a handy ferry here in Levis that takes about 10-15 minutes to cross the fleuve, and runs well into the night.

May 28th (two days after Natasha’s birthday) was the first year anniversary of our being together. That evening, after a candle-lit meal, I got down on one knee asked her to marry me.

She said YES!!!

I’m a happy happy joy boy!

Here’s a picture of us looking pleased with ourselves that we took and used to announce our engagement on Facebook:

You can see some of Natasha’s wonderful book collection in the background (which includes lots of history, mythology, and esoterica), the vast majority of which is infuriatingly French. I’ll learn to read them eventually…

My own diminished book collection is all packed into plastic boxes and stored away in England. I miss it. But of course I’ve already started a fresh collection here!


Weather update: the last time I blogged proper it was still freezing and snowy, and this poor Englishman couldn’t wait until Spring came. I had a long time to wait. I was almost in despair of how long it took for life to bloom in the ground and from the trees. Now, thankfully, it’s a lot warmer ~ we’ve even had a couple of days above 30 degrees C ! Days of sunshine interspersed with days of rain have encouraged life to bloom wonderfully, and it really is quite beautiful.

I tell you this though: the UK is known for it’s rain, but I’ve rarely experienced rain like we have here in Quebec, with constant heavy rain non-stop for an entire day or more. It’s good for the earth.

Hark at me, typical Englishman complaining, from a land where we have some of the mildest weather on the planet… hehe! 🙂

But, I have struggled a little to keep in tune with the rhythm’s of the Earth here. In Glastonbury, the very land itself is so steeped in mysticism that it’s natural to follow and flow with the cycles of the Moon, Earth, and Sun.

I follow no particular faith or creed, but I enjoy usually mark the Wheel of the Year and the phases of the Moon, particularly the Dark/New Moon and Full Moon. When I say I “mark”, I suppose I should clarify…

Mostly this marking is an energetic, emotional, and psychological acknowledgement of my own rhythms, a feeling of attunement within myself and to the world around me. It’s easy to get cut off from ourselves in this artificial world and way of living that we’ve created, and not acknowledge the changes that occur within us.

Since being in Quebec, I’ve barely noticed the New or Full Moon. This is partly because I’ve been busy, I suppose, and partly because I’m adjusting to the rhythms of a new land. The Moon is particularly important to me. I find the regular cycle of the Moon comforting and easy to follow, and I often liken the Moon’s rhythms with those of my own.

I want to tune in to the Moon again, I like communing with the beautiful Lady Luna!

Which reminds me: there’s a Full Moon tomorrow, the 4th June!


I’ve been a busy bird creatively, laying eggs in a number of different baskets in the hope that at least some of them hatch into beautiful little babies. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to talk about just what most of those projects are until I find out if they’re going ahead, but I can tell you about THE EPHEMERAL MAN.

Essentially, ‘The Ephemeral Man’ is the name under which I will be performing some multi-media exploration. Although principally a writer, I also have a general penchant towards the wider arts, and this is my opportunity to express some of that passion.

Launch day for this on-going project is 6.6.12. (The Ephemeral Man likes the number 6…)

I’ll be using Tumblr for a hub. Here’s the address: http://the-ephemeral-man.tumblr.com/   although if you click on it before 6.6.12, you won’t find anything.

The plan is to post new media content every week. A bit of everything on launch day but from then on:

On Mondays I’ll be posting some photography, art, or randomness.

On Wednesdays I’ll be posting an eclectic but hopefully still accessible mix of music at: http://www.mixcloud.com/The_Ephemeral_Man/

On Fridays I’ll be posting a more unusual musical mix for the ambient/electronica connoisseur.

On Sundays I’ll be posting an episodic audio story for all ages called PID’S POD, written and read by me.

Now, I’m hoping that I can keep that schedule as well as carrying on with my other work. To be frank, I’ll probably fail, especially with PID’S POD, but I really do want to try and push myself creatively and fill my spare time making art, so I’m determined to try.

The equipment/software I’m using for the mixing and audio recording is basic open source stuff, so please forgive if the quality is not the best.

You can also follow The Ephemeral Man on Twitter: @Ephemeral_Man

And I may set up Facebook and Google+ pages at some point too.

For those wondering, my short story collection CREEPS is still forthcoming, and I hope it to be officially launched in conjunction with a website that is still in the works. In the meantime, if you haven’t already you can still read the first and shortest of the stories from the collection here.


OK, that’s all for now – thanks for reading!

I’m off to get something to eat and muse about the curious adventures of a gelatinous blob named Pid…



The Moon is almost Full, and Venus is about to Transit…


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