O Canada!

Greetings from Canada!

It was an epic journey to get here, but thankfully everything went according to plan.

The flight was on January 30th ~ waiting all night in the airport was a chore but not so bad. Gatwick airport would make a really good location for a scene in a zombie movie. It has that kind of (un)dead vibe, especially at night… I managed to stay awake the whole time without having my brains eaten, which facilitated sleeping away some of the eight hour flight. I’m glad of that!

We (Natasha and I) arrived in Toronto only three hours after we’d left due to travelling back in time-zone. It was snowing, and we dragged our luggage to the hotel room where we’d be spending two nights to recuperate and explore. It’s a great city, and for sure I’d like to visit again before too long. I took a few photo’s, which you can see by clicking on the link below: 



After Toronto, on February 1st, we had an eight hour train ride into and across Quebec, to the town Saint-Nicolas, just across the fleuve (Saint Lawrence River) from Quebec City. Saint-Nicolas has quaint spacious suburbs with individualistic houses. I like it. Here’s some pics:


A view of the cemetery in Saint-Nicolas

And finally, here are some random pics of the beautiful city Quebec:


So here I am in Quebec, staying with Natasha’s family, who have been wonderful, until we get established with our own flat.

I’m writing ~ working on a couple of projects including a story revamped from an idea I had a few years ago for a screenplay. It’s about a girl called Sapphire who is somewhat akin to Raven.

My short story collection CREEPS, which I vowed to have finished by Halloween last year, is done, but didn’t quite get released. I posted the first and shortest of the stories from the collection, HAVEN, on this very blog as a “give-away” at Halloween last year.

(You can read it here: https://leighwright.wordpress.com/2011/10/29/haven-2/)

Plans to self-publish CREEPS were delayed as I did silly things like break my foot. During the recuperation, Natasha and I decided that it might be better for us to move to Quebec earlier than originally expected, and the release of CREEPS was put on hold. I’m now working towards an e-book format for the collection, but still hope to produce some physical copies and tie-in the release with the launch of a website. More details to follow!

On a more personal note, I’m making a conscious effort to improve my social skills. I am something of a recluse, and quite terrible at “small talk”. While I can easily muster excuses for this: left to play alone a lot when I was very young, bullied at school, always the outsider, etc, etc… I am aware that my awkwardness is partly self-consciousness and partly lack of effort.

I’m in a fresh country with Natasha’s family and friends, and although I am quite comfortable having a very small number of close friends rather than many, and find comfortable silence perfectly acceptable social behaviour, I am aware that my awkwardness can sometimes come across as rude, arrogant, or just plain insulting. This projection is certainly not my intention, and I have decided that I’d like to try and address this aspect of my self as an area for improvement. In short, I will make more effort to engage. Wish me luck!

Being in Quebec, I also have another language to learn. Je suis désolé, mon français est mauvais. But it’s getting there, gradually.

That’s all for now, will keep you posted!

Au Revoir!



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