A Pinch and a Punch

Rabbit rabbit!

Pinch and a punch, first day of the month; white rabbit!

The origin of this strange custom – of saying Rabbit Rabbit or Pinch and a punch, on the first day of the month is curious and quite interesting. You can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_rabbit

But anyway, the phrase Pinch and a punch came to me randomly yesterday whilst late-night musing. It’s been a bit of a pinch and a punch kind of month.

My love Natasha has been ill, mainly due to damp in the bedroom of my flat. After repeatedly asking the landlord to sort it out, whilst battling it as best I can, I’ve finally taken matters into my own hands and bought a dehumidifier and some special paint. It’s much better now. I gave the landlord the bill. He wasn’t particularly happy, because apparently he could have sorted it out much cheaper, but fuck him.

Our financial situation is pretty atrocious at the moment and has been exasperated by illness and misfortune. I managed to badly twist my ankle whilst delivering a local community magazine a few days ago and have been hopping around ever since, but am gradually recovering. I managed to hobble up the hill to see my daughter’s first play today.

So yeah, pinch and punch. But you know what? Life is good! I’m happy and in love. I can take the odd pinch and punch. And now it’s December, not long until 2012, and next year will be a year of adventure as I go with my love to Quebec for a few months. Boy am I looking forward to that!

National Writing Month is now over, and I didn’t quite manage the goal of 50,000 words, but I am thoroughly enjoying the new story I’m writing. The characters are vivid and strange and wonderful, and my fictional Glastonbury is in serious trouble. It’s lots of fun.

I’ve also been playing around with some digital DJ software called Mixxx. It’s simple to use and completely free. You can find it here: http://www.mixxx.org/

If you’re into ambient/experimental/electronica, you might enjoy the first mix I created. None of the music is my own, I just mixed it. There will be more, oh yes.

It’s called Faze One: http://www.mixcloud.com/Leigh_Wright/faze-one/

That’s all for now. Hope y’all doing your thing with grace and aplomb!

Love and splendour,



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